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EcoWave Community Hub is the ultimate platform for sustainability-conscious individuals and businesses. Join us to make a difference and support your local community!

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What we do for Gold Coast

Collaborative Approach

We provide room for Gold Coast to work together as a community to reach sustainability goals and awareness of environmental concerns.

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Educative Resources

We offer a comprehensive resource section with articles, videos, and guides to educate
users about waste reduction, eco-friendly practices, and environmental conservation.

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Local Initiatives Promotion

We support the businesses within Gold Coast that need our support and care and feature upcoming events and workshops within the area.

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 Impact Tracking

We recognise the collective impact of the community's efforts in the overall environmental improvements and acknowledge achievements reached. 

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We foster environmental, social and economic prosperity focused on sustainability
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We want to be the central gathering space for Gold Coast and environmental education
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Our aim is to promote culture of sustainability and strengthen community spirit 
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Our Team

Meet the Ecowave Community Hub Team: Bringing Sustainable Change to the Gold Coast

Ethan Vu

Software and Development Manager

Bowen Lin

Innovator and Graphic Designer


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